How the Air Source Works

What are Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air source heat pumps use basic thermodynamic principles to convert thermal energy contained within the air we breathe into heat energy that can be used to provide heating and hot water. This ‘ambient heat’ is replenished by the sun making our heat pumps both effective and environmentally friendly.

How Heat Pumps Work

There are two basic types of air source heat pump – ‘air to air’ and ‘air to water’. Grant Aerona3 heat pumps use an air to water system which utilises heat energy captured from the air in ‘wet’ heating system radiators or underfloor heating. The process uses the same vapour/compression cycle that extracts heat in a domestic fridge. A refrigerant with a low boiling point is exposed to external air temperatures in an evaporator. The liquid boils off to a gas and absorbs the thermal energy of the air. This gas is then compressed increasing the heat energy contained within the refrigerant, before passing through a heat exchanger where it condenses back to a liquid form, whilst transferring the heat to the water of the heating system. The liquid refrigerant is then re-circulated through the evaporator and the cycle is repeated.

Fit for the Future

With the recent fluctuations in price and supply of fossil fuels, air source heat pumps offer both an environmentally and economically sustainable alternative. Home heating in the UK accounts for approximately 30% of CO2 emissions. The heat source used by Grant Aerona3 heat pumps is entirely renewable which helps reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere and, in so doing, lowers the carbon footprint of the household.

Lower Heating Costs

Compared with other domestic heating methods, the Grant Aerona3 can benefit homeowners by creating annual savings on fuel bills. The units can deliver over four times the amount of energy for every 1kW of electricity used depending on the flow temperature and the climate conditions prevailing at the time. Homes utilising this type of heat generator will obviously have a lower dependency on fossil fuels, making them less susceptible to rising fuel costs.

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