Air Source Case Study

3 bedroom Semi-Detached House

1955 home gets renewable energy heating

With their existing gas boiler system reaching the end of its useful life cycle and proving very inefficient, the family living in this 1950’s house were looking for an effective replacement.

With diminishing effectiveness and poor carbon emissions, it was important to replace this ageing system with one that would provide an increase in performance and energy efficiency. Being environmentally aware, this family were keen to take advantage of a heating system using renewable energy. They needed to find a system that would readily satisfy the heating and hot water demands of a family of 5 whilst reducing running costs and carbon emissions. Other heating alternatives using renewable energy, such as solar thermal and biomass, were considered but discounted for proving either ineffective or too high maintenance. A powerful, renewable energy solution was required. With inconsistent levels of comfort coupled with escalating gas bills, this home stood to benefit substantially from a more efficient means of heating.

Unlike the ageing gas system that was previously installed, Grant uses the latest technology to harvest renewable energy from the outside air to provide central heating and hot water. Easy to install, the advanced efficiency of Grant, is perfect for this 1950’s home.

Using Grant to replace the inefficient gas boiler and installing larger radiators to work with the lower flow temperatures, means this home enjoys constant comfort levels for a fraction of the cost of the old gas boiler. Able to supply all the heating and hot water this property needs, Grant is the ideal, low carbon replacement these homeowners needed. Changing to Grant has cut this home’s carbon footprint by 45% and improved the efficiency to significantly reduce the annual running costs. Low cost, low noise and minimal maintenance make Grant a viable alternative to gas.

GRANT has more than halved their heating bills and emissions

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