Solar Battery Storage

Without a battery storage unit any electricity that your system generates but does not use is exported back to the grid. Once the sun sets and your PV panels are no longer generating you have to buy back that energy at the higher rate’s.

Solar batteries prevent this by storing the surplus, unused energy that would otherwise be exported.

Reduce Electricity Bills

By storing your excess electricity generated throughout the day into a battery storage unit you can significantly reduce your energy demand from the grid which can make huge savings on your electricity bill.

Reduce Your Reliance On The National Grid

Storing your own energy can reduce the effects of any power cuts by the National Grid.

Protection Against Price Rises

By storing and utilising your own generated electricity you will minimise the impact of the inevitable future price increases imposed by the energy companies.

The benefits and cost savings will also increase if you are not at home during the daytime or are a low energy user, as the energy generated during the day will be stored for you to use when required.

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